Ideal Professional Institute Practical Nursing Program


The Practical Nursing program trains student in acquiring skills comparable to the demands of the health care industry. The training will assist the Practical Nursing student in the area of critical thinking to enhance their effectiveness as members of the health care team. It will allow for facilitation of necessary knowledge and skills to gain entry-level employment; provide basic knowledge that serves as a foundation for higher levels of learning in the health care profession: adequately prepare graduates for passing of State Board examination. It will teach them to utilize problem solving techniques in prioritizing plan of care based on the clients need; implement basic therapeutic nursing care techniques; maintain safety throughout process of delivery care; present caring behaviors during the delivery of care; maintain respect and cultural sensitivity during implementation of procedures; deliver nursing care within the legal scope of practice according to the Nurse Practice Act and instruct clients in the promotion and maintenance of optimum health and illness prevention.


Total Tuition $10,800.00
(including fees)

Application Fee $ 25.00
Enrollment Fee $125.00
(Total due at time
of registration) $150.00

Tuition $10,650.00
Tuition Down Payment $ 3,500.00

Tuition Balance $ 7,150.00
(To be paid off based
on payment agreement)

All financial responsibilities must be met prior to graduating.


A student may enter the school at the beginning of any program (the first day of class). The date of completion is determined by the number of hours completed.
All students are expected to complete the required number of credits with no exceptions.