... Oracle Database Concepts for more information about dictionary access in containers, ... in a PDB, CDB_ views only show information … SHOW ROLES displays the names of all roles created, whether settable for the current session or not. I think you need to read up on the Oracle concepts[], concentrating on Instance, Database and Schema. In other databases such as MySQL, … This article shows us the different ways to list all databases in Oracle, as well as the different information for each database. SHOW ROLES, SHOW ENABLED_ROLES, SHOW SETTABLE_ROLES. ?だったと思うのですが。 ※エン … Getting the Database Information in Oracle. SHOW ENABLED_ROLES … To find out which instances is running on your server: /bin/ps -ef | grep ora_pmon | grep -v grep If you … 43 Viewing Information About CDBs and PDBs with SQL*Plus. If you want to show all tables of a specific owner, you add the OWNER column in the WHERE clause as shown in the following query: SELECT * FROM all_tables WHERE OWNER = 'OT' ORDER BY … Oracle(10g)のsqlplusについて質問です。 MySQLでいうshow databases/show tables/descコマンド(テーブル定義の表示)に相当する機能を教えてください。 sysdba??